Short Stories

Although I usually prefer to read novels (hence the blog title!) I do occasionally read short stories. You can find below links to my reviews of some of the individual short stories I’ve read, as well as several short story collections.

Individual stories

Chekhov, Anton – The Black Monk
Conan Doyle, Arthur – The Brazilian Cat
Dickens, Charles – The Signal-Man
Hardy, Thomas – An Imaginative Woman
Hawthorne, Nathaniel – The Artist of the Beautiful
Lawson, Henry – The Drover’s Wife
Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan – Laura Silver Bell
Polidori, John – The Vampyre
Wilde, Oscar – The Model Millionaire
Wilde, Oscar – The Sphinx Without a Secret


Bates, H.E. – Day’s End and Other Stories
Carter, Angela – The Bloody Chamber
Christie, Agatha – The Labours of Hercules
Collins, Wilkie – The Haunted Hotel and Other Stories
Du Maurier, Daphne – The Birds and Other Stories
Du Maurier, Daphne – Don’t Look Now and Other Stories
Du Maurier, Daphne – The Rendezvous and Other Stories
Edwards, Martin (editor) – Miraculous Mysteries
Ellsworth, Lawrence (editor) – The Big Book of Swashbuckling Adventure
Gabaldon, Diana – Seven Stones to Stand or Fall
Gayford, Cecily (editor) – Murder Under the Christmas Tree
Heyer, Georgette – Snowdrift and Other Stories
Klinger, Leslie S. (editor) – In the Shadow of Agatha Christie
Nelson, M.R. (editor) – Hemmed In
Nelson, M.R. (editor) – Love and Other Happy Endings
Nelson, M.R. (editor) – Small and Spooky
Panter-Downes, Mollie – Good Evening, Mrs Craven
Thornton, Rosy – Sandlands


Six Edgar Allan Poe stories for Halloween

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