Review Policy

At this time I am unable to accept any new requests for reviews. I already receive review copies from NetGalley and am also trying to work through the unread books I have on my own shelves. As someone with a full-time job who reads and blogs as a hobby, I’m simply not able to take on any more commitments.

Good luck with your books and I will update this page if anything changes.

4 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. john dodd says:

    The Fortune Hunter. A good read. I obtained it on kindle because I was aware of a lot of the details of the true story. In fact just 2 weeks ago before I knew the book existed I was relating the story to some friends and said “there’s a good book here for somebody who can be bothered to write it”. I live near Combermere where the Empress spent her last 2 hunting seasons in this country and own the property where her last “pilot”, Col Charles Rivers Bulkeley lived.

  2. S.R. Strickland says:

    Hello, The Awakening of La Muse is my debut novel. I received my first review on Goodreads. 4-Stars. It is difficult to find book reviewers with an infinity to historical fiction. Do you still have the policy of not reading self-published novels? S. R. Strickland

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