Review Policy

I am happy to receive review copies from authors, publicists or publishers. Please note that I am based in the UK.

My preferred genres include historical fiction, classics, literary fiction, general/contemporary fiction, crime fiction and mysteries – please take a look at my existing reviews to get an idea of the type of book I enjoy.  I will also consider non-fiction and biographies/memoirs but I’m very selective about these. I regret that at this time I am not accepting self-published books.

I can’t guarantee how long it will take me to read and review your book, as I do have a full-time job, but I will do my best to review it as soon as possible – probably within 1 month, unless you specify a timescale. I obviously can’t guarantee that I will like your book, but if I’m not enjoying it I will explain in my review why it didn’t appeal to me and I will state who I think it would appeal to. My reviews will always be fair and honest.

My reviews are also posted on LibraryThing, Goodreads, and occasionally on Amazon. If you’d like me to post the review on any other sites, just let me know. I am also happy to help promote books by hosting author interviews or book giveaways and by participating in blog tours.

You can contact me at: shereadsnovels [at] gmail [dot] com

4 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. john dodd says:

    The Fortune Hunter. A good read. I obtained it on kindle because I was aware of a lot of the details of the true story. In fact just 2 weeks ago before I knew the book existed I was relating the story to some friends and said “there’s a good book here for somebody who can be bothered to write it”. I live near Combermere where the Empress spent her last 2 hunting seasons in this country and own the property where her last “pilot”, Col Charles Rivers Bulkeley lived.

  2. S.R. Strickland says:

    Hello, The Awakening of La Muse is my debut novel. I received my first review on Goodreads. 4-Stars. It is difficult to find book reviewers with an infinity to historical fiction. Do you still have the policy of not reading self-published novels? S. R. Strickland

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