My Journey Through Time

Whether you’ve been following my blog for a long time or whether this is your first visit, I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that I love reading historical fiction! This section of the blog is a place for me to put my historical fiction reviews into some sort of order, which I’m hoping will be a useful resource for both myself and other readers.

As this is a work in progress, I’ll be adding more pages as and when I have time. My intention is to create lists of all the historical fiction and non-fiction books I’ve read and reviewed which deal with a particular time period, country or other theme. After browsing my lists, please feel free to comment and recommend other books you’ve read on that subject.

Alternatively, you can view every historical fiction review posted on my blog here – and if you’re interested in award-winning novels, please consider joining in with my Reading the Walter Scott Prize Project!



Ancient History
UPDATED: Ancient Greece
UPDATED: Ancient Rome

Scottish History

Irish History

Welsh History

History of Spain

Medieval England
Pre-Conquest England and the House of Normandy
The Plantagenets

15th Century England
UPDATED: The Wars of the Roses

16th Century England
The Tudors Part 1: Henry VII, Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII and his wives, Edward VI
The Tudors Part 2: The Grey sisters, Mary I and Elizabeth I
Books about and inspired by William Shakespeare

17th Century England
James I/VI, Charles I and The English Civil War and Interregnum
Restoration and late 17th century England

20th Century World History
World War I

Historical Musings

Historical Musings

In April 2015, I launched a new series of historical fiction-themed monthly posts.  We’ve had some great discussions in the comments sections – and people have been listing lots of recommendations too.  If you have anything to add, you’re welcome to comment on any or all of these posts:

#1 – Do you read historical fiction?
#2 – Books about Ancient Rome
#3 – Perceptions of the genre
#4 – Time periods
#5 – Books for younger readers
#6 – Historical Non-fiction
#7 – Exploring Africa
#8 – Women’s Classic Literature
#9 – Reading broadly or reading narrowly
#10 – Possible reads for 2016
#11 – A post for Valentine’s Day
#12 – Essential Tudor fiction
#13 – The Author’s Note
#14 – Close to home or far away?
#15 – Six reasons to love historical fiction
#16 – Exploring Europe
#17 – The historical mystery
#18 – Castles!
#19 – The Halloween edition
#20 – Exploring Japan
#21 – My year in historical fiction
#22 – Books to look out for in 2017
#23 – Time Travel
#24 – Ireland
#25 – Ancient Greece
#26 – Judging a book by its cover
#27 – A new list (help with classics)
#28 – Battle scenes – love them or hate them?
#29 – All at sea
#30 – Exploring Australia
#31 – Or, ‘Tis Sixty Years Since
#32 – Exploring South America
#33 – My year in historical fiction 2017
#34 – Historical Fiction to look out for in 2018
#35 – Historical Fantasy
#36 – Reading Elizabeth Chadwick
#37 – Reading Anya Seton
#38 – Reading Edward Rutherfurd
#39 – I Spy Historical Style
#40 – Reading Dorothy Dunnett
#41 – Reading Georgette Heyer
#42 – Reading Diana Gabaldon
#43 – Wives, Daughters, Sisters…
#44 – Exploring India
#45 – My year in historical fiction 2018
#46 – Books to look out for in 2019
#47 – Exploring Ancient Egypt
#48 – The Welsh Edition
#49 – Exploring China
#50 – Presidential Historical Fiction
#51 – The Long Take – and a question of perspective
#52 – Medicine through time
#53 – A quiz for September
#54 – Historical Highlights
#55 – Lest we forget
#56 – My year in historical fiction 2019
#57 – Historical fiction to look out for in 2020
#58 – From the TBR (Wars of the Roses)
#59 – What are you reading?
#60 – Ten reasons to love historical fiction (updated from #15 above)
#61 – Art through the ages
#62 – World War II
#63 – Books to look out for in 2021
#64 – My year in historical fiction: 2020
#65 – Historical Drama
#66 – An update for June 2021 (includes Walter Scott Prize winner)
#67 – HWA Crown Awards and an August reading update
#68 – Historical fiction in translation
#69 – Books to look out for in 2022
#70 – My year in historical fiction: 2021
#71 – Do you agree? (Quotes from historical fiction authors)
#72 – From the TBR (Russia and Ukraine)
#73 – Walter Scott Prize Winner and project progress report
#74 – Walter Scott Prize project progress report – Part Two
#75 – HWA Crown Awards 2022
#76 – Books to look out for in 2023
#77 – My Year in Historical Fiction 2022
#78 – Real people or fictional?
#79 – The CWA Historical Dagger Longlist 2023

2 thoughts on “My Journey Through Time

    • Helen says:

      Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten! My list of Indian historical fiction is almost ready and I will be working on other countries and periods after that. Sorting through all of my previous reviews is a big job and taking longer than I expected, so this is very much a work in progress!

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