Remember These? A possible new series of posts

I started my blog in October 2009 and have kept a list of every book I’ve read since then. Of course, I’ve been reading books for much, much longer than that – before I had ever heard of blogs or the internet (or even had a computer). So how did I used to keep track of the books I had read? Naturally, I wrote them down in a notebook.

I started my notebook in 1993, listing the books from A-Z and giving them star ratings (with a couple of special ratings for books that I particularly loved or hated). Although I can’t remember exactly when I stopped writing them down I know it was sometime around 1999/2000 when I was at university and had less time to read for pleasure. Unfortunately, I didn’t note down any other thoughts about the books, so when I look back now I have no idea why I thought a particular book deserved one star or five stars. I can’t remember what a lot of them were about and some of the titles don’t even seem familiar to me at all. It makes me feel sad to think that I’ve read so many books that have now been forgotten…and so I’m hoping to bring them back into the spotlight with a new series of Remember These? posts.

I’m planning to dedicate a separate post to each letter, going through my list of books in alphabetical order. Some letters of the alphabet have over 100 books listed and a lot of them are YA or children’s books; I won’t look at all of these books in-depth, but will choose a few to focus on. I’ll also reveal the ratings I gave, but please bear in mind that if the ratings seem harsh or strange or not what you would expect from me, all I can say in my defence is that my reading tastes have changed quite a lot over the years!

What do you think? Would anyone be interested in reading these posts? Did you keep a record of the books you read before you started blogging?

20 thoughts on “Remember These? A possible new series of posts

  1. The Book Whisperer says:

    Ooh yes! What a fab idea! I would definitely be up for reading these posts.

    I joined Goodreads a couple of years ago and spent months entering all the books I could remember reading over the years – of course there are some that I will have forgotten – even now I suddenly remember a book or author I read and add it to my Goodreads lists). I wish I had kept a record over the years as there are books that I remember reading and loving but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called or the author and I would love to know.

    God bless the internet – I can now keep a proper record of my beloved books 🙂

    • Helen says:

      Great, I’ll probably go ahead with the posts then!
      I love Goodreads – it’s the perfect way to keep track of books, though my Goodreads list is nowhere near being complete – it only shows a fraction of all the books I own or have read. And my LibraryThing catalogue isn’t much better, unfortunately.

  2. Ash says:

    I know what you mean about looking back at books and not really remembering why you loved them or hated them. It has to happen when you read as much as we do! I never kept a list of the books I read. I start reading journals and quit them– isn’t that what I’m blogging for? I’d be interested to some of the pre blog books though!

    • Helen says:

      I just wish I’d kept my list going right the way through the 2000s…I don’t have any record at all of the books I read between about 2001 and 2009. 😦

  3. givingreadingachance says:

    I just wish I had a log too, I would love to go back and these posts with you, but unfortunately I was never disciplined and never read so much as well.
    Will surely read these posts 🙂

    • Helen says:

      I’m pleased I kept a log because it’s so interesting to be able to go back and look at it now. I wish I’d written proper reviews of the books, though – I only wrote down the title, author and rating.

  4. Carolyn says:

    I’d love to read about this too, I’ve kept lists of what I’ve read for the last few years, but no ratings. I also try to remember everything I’ve ever read, but some of it is just a little embarrassing to admit to now!

  5. Mae says:

    I was never diligent enough to keep a notebook of my readings (although I’m a little obsessed at keeping track of my books in Excel and a software I downloaded off Abebooks. Brings out the librarian in me, I suppose!). I think it’ll be great to see your old notes. Perhaps you could even do a re-read and compare if its been awhile.

    • Helen says:

      I’ve started listing my books in Excel spreadsheets once or twice, but that method just didn’t seem to work for me. And yes, maybe I’ll come across a few books in my notebook that I would like to re-read.

  6. Charlie says:

    I think this is a very good idea! Trying to track down books from years ago is difficult by yourself, I was lucky a few weeks ago when I randomly came across a tweet about a book whose author and name I couldn’t remember.

    I only have notes since last year and although I can remember many books I read before then it’s far from a complete list.

    Definitely up for helping you if I can!

  7. merilyn says:

    Hi I would love to read them. I have just discovered your blog which I will add to my favourites so I will be back again Thank you.

  8. Kim says:

    I’m glad that I decided to do the same before I go on years of reading without recording anything! I’ve only really been a voracious reader for the past couple of years so at least I haven’t got to remember books read over a seriously long span of time. Hopefully, LibraryThing helps me a little bit. Also, I’ll definitely be into reading this new series of posts if you ever decide to do them! I’ve reread certain books before and have really noticed a change in how I view them, things I picked up and understood better after rereading them some time later. Lastly, I’ve added you to my BlogRoll!


    • Helen says:

      Thanks Kim! I definitely think it’s a good idea to keep some kind of record, whether it’s a written record, a blog or a LibraryThing/Goodreads list. I really regret the fact that I don’t have any record at all from 2001-2009. I’m sure I must have read a lot of great books during those years that I’ve now forgotten about.

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