After the Sunday Papers #11

“She had read novels while other people perused the Sunday papers”
~ Mary Elizabeth Braddon, The Doctor’s Wife


Time for one of my (very) occasional Sunday posts, I think!

War and Peace Readalong – May update

I’ll start with some brief thoughts on May’s reading for the War and Peace Readalong I’m participating in this year. In May, we read Book 2, Parts 3 and 4. I’m finding the book much easier to read now that we’re further into it and have had the opportunity to get to know the characters. However, I’ve also found that for some reason I have very little to say about this section of the book. I was pleased that there was no ‘war’ – though instead, we get a very long and detailed description of a hunt, which made me think I might actually have preferred a battle scene after all! It was good to spend more time with some of the female characters, especially Natasha and Sonya, whose storylines are starting to move forward now. And I still feel sorry for poor Princess Marya. I’m looking forward to reading Part 5 in June – and being halfway through the book!

Barbara Pym Reading Week

Barbara Pym Reading Week

Are you taking part in Barbara Pym Reading Week? I’ve never read anything by Pym before but so many of the bloggers I follow love her books that I knew it was time to try one. I’m reading Less Than Angels, which is maybe not the one I would ideally have chosen to begin with (I really wanted to read Excellent Women first) but it’s the only one I actually own. Anyway, I’m enjoying it so far and will post my thoughts on it later in the week.

New book arrivals

I haven’t bought any new books for a while, but I’ve received a few review copies. Paris is the one I’m most looking forward to reading as I love Edward Rutherfurd and have read all of his previous books. I don’t know much about the others (The Son by Michel Rostain, The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout and The Orchard of Lost Souls by Nadifa Mohamed) though I’ve read some very positive reviews of the first two.

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend! What are you planning to read this week?

8 thoughts on “After the Sunday Papers #11

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m reading Pym’s Quartet in Autumn for the reading week, and enjoying it very much – coincidentally, I had just found in a used-book store last Monday. After that, I don’t know – maybe something Victorian. It’s too hot to be outside – a good excuse to stay in & read.

    • Helen says:

      How lucky that you found Quartet in Autumn just in time for the reading week! I’m glad you’re enjoying it – it’s not one that I’ve heard much about.

  2. Charlie says:

    Good to hear War & Peace is getting easier, it’s a daunting book! From the couple I know of in your photo, that’s a nice selection of books. I’m currently reading Buddhaland Brookyn, just started it today.

    • Helen says:

      I’ve found that War and Peace is easy enough to read, once you can remember who all the characters are and how they are related to each other. The most daunting thing about it now, for me, is the length – but at least I’ll be reaching the halfway point soon!

  3. Iris says:

    I think everyone is looking forward to reaching the halfway point! I admit I am a little behind and am only now starting to catch up with May’s reading for War and Peace. I am almost done with part 3, and then realised that I have a whole other section to go before I reach June’s reading. I am not looking forward to a long description of a hunting scene..

    I do not think I will be able to participate in Barabara Pym reading week, but I did read Excellent Women last year and enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy Less Than Angels!

    • Helen says:

      Reaching halfway will feel like such an achievement! I hope you enjoy the rest of May’s reading (and June’s) and don’t find the hunting scene as boring as I did!

  4. Anbolyn Potter (@anbolynp) says:

    Great progress on War & Peace – you have inspired me to read it sometime in the future (when I thought I would never go there).
    I’m reading Quartet in Autumn too, but I don’t think it will be a favorite Pym. I’m also reading Sight Reading by Daphne Kalotay which is very good so far.

    • Helen says:

      I’ve found that reading War & Peace in small monthly sections is working well for me. If I had tried to read it all at once I would probably have given up by now. Good luck if you decide to read it in the future!

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