Classics Club Spin #20: The Result

The result of the latest Classics Club Spin has been revealed today!

The idea of the Spin was to list twenty books from my Classics Club list, number them 1 to 20, and the number announced today (Monday) represents the book I have to read before 31st May 2019. The number that has been selected is…


And this means the book I need to read is…

The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter

I don’t know much about this book but had added it to my list because it had been recommended to me a few times and sounded similar to Sir Walter Scott’s books, which I enjoy. It was published in 1810 and is the story of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. I’m hoping it will be more fun than my last spin result, Dombey and Son, which I still haven’t managed to finish!

Have you read this book? If you participated in the spin, are you happy with your result?

27 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #20: The Result

  1. elainethomp says:

    I think I’ve recommended it here. It’s great: brave warriors, beautiful women, some virtuous, some villanous, secret passages, abbeys, hermitages..landscape, battles, diplomacy, what’s not to like? Predators, saviours, kidnappings, escapes.. I hope you can find an unabridged edition.

    • Helen says:

      Yes, you were one of the people who recommended it to me, Elaine. It does sound fun. I’m not sure which edition I’m reading yet (the one pictured above is just for illustration purposes) but I will choose an unabridged one.

  2. Judy Krueger says:

    The day is here! Yours is the fourth post of bloggers I follow that participate in the Challenge. I do hope you like The Scottish chiefs better than Dombey. If I was involved in this, I think I would be careful only to put books I REALLY wanted to read on my list.

    • Helen says:

      I’m sure The Scottish Chiefs will be more entertaining than Dombey, at least. I do mostly only put books I really want to read on my list, but now and then I find myself wondering what possessed me to include a particular book!

  3. piningforthewest says:

    I have heard that Jane Porter’s books are nonsense historically, but I hope at least you find it entertaining. There is really nothing at all known about William Wallace, even his birthplace isn’t known apparently.

    • elainethomp says:

      She used Blind Harry’s story, from what I remember . And apparently visited locations. I don’t have my Scottish history books any more but where she claims Wallace did things – like go as a diplomat to France – there is some evidence he did do stuff like that in more or less the time space she has it. The visit to Edward’s court, not so much, but it is presented as a sneak mission.

      It’s less bad historically than that movie with Mel Gibson. Admittedly, that’s a very low bar.

    • Helen says:

      I wasn’t expecting it to be particularly accurate, to be honest, especially considering the age of the book. On the other hand, I haven’t read much about William Wallace anyway, so I probably wouldn’t be able to tell. I do expect it to be entertaining, though!

    • Helen says:

      I hadn’t heard of it until quite recently, but I think it sounds entertaining. I’m hoping I’ll like it better than my last spin book!

  4. Sandra says:

    The title has me thinking it has to be a good one. I hope that proves to be true for you, Helen. I was less fortunate and got Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises – the only one on my list that I didn’t really want! At least it’s short!

    • Helen says:

      That’s a shame – maybe you’ll enjoy it more than you’re expecting to. The only Hemingway I’ve read is A Farewell to Arms and it wasn’t really my sort of book, but I haven’t ruled out reading more by him in the future.

    • Helen says:

      Yes, I’m sure we know more about that period of history today than at the time when the book was written. I’m looking forward to reading it!

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