The Sunday Salon: Easter Edition

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it – and Happy Sunday to those who don’t!

On Thursday the winners of the Book Drum tournament were announced. You may remember a few months ago I mentioned that I was working on a profile of The Far Pavilions for the tournament. I didn’t win, but that’s okay because I wasn’t really expecting to – my profile should hopefully still be going online eventually and I’ll let you know when it does.

So what exactly is Book Drum? It’s a great new website with the aim of bringing books to life. Each book has its own profile – members can create a new one or add to the existing one – with pictures, videos, maps, reviews and anything else that will help other readers to understand and enjoy the book.

The winning profile was Victoria Hooper’s profile of The Odyssey. I have never actually read The Odyssey, although I’m familiar with the story, but if and when I do read it I’m sure Victoria’s profile will be very useful.

I posted two reviews this week – the first was O, Juliet, Robin Maxwell’s retelling of Romeo and Juliet which I gave 3.5 stars. The other was a re-read of one of my all-time favourites, Watership Down. The book I’m currently reading is The Doctor’s Wife by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. I read Braddon’s most famous book Lady Audley’s Secret a few years ago and loved it – I’m only four chapters into The Doctor’s Wife but so far it’s proving to be almost as good.

Next weekend (starting April 10th) it’s Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-Thon! This will be the first time I’ve had the opportunity to take part in the Read-a-Thon since I started blogging, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Until then, have a great Easter and a great week!

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