Classics Club May Meme

classicsclubI haven’t participated in the last few monthly memes from the Classics Club but I thought I would join in this month as it’s a nice, easy question to answer.

Tell us about the classic book(s) you’re reading this month. You can post about what you’re looking forward to reading in May, or post thoughts-in-progress on your current read(s).

Before I start to discuss this month’s books, I should probably mention the three books from my Classics Club list that I read in March and April and still haven’t found time to write about yet! They are:

Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak
The Last Chronicle of Barset by Anthony Trollope
The Ladies’ Paradise by Emile Zola

I’ve been behind with my reviews all year, but I hope to post my thoughts on these three in the next couple of weeks.

This month I’m planning to read these:

Far from the Madding Crowd

Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy

I received a beautiful Penguin English Library edition of this book in a giveaway from Heavenali last year and feel bad that I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. This will definitely be the next classic I read and I’ll probably start it this weekend. I’ve only read a few of Thomas Hardy’s books but I loved them and am really looking forward to reading more of his work.

Twenty Years After

Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas

I re-read The Three Musketeers recently and mentioned that I want to continue with the other books in the Musketeers series. Twenty Years After is the second one and I can’t wait to read it as I’ve loved everything else I’ve read by Dumas. This is a very long book, though, so I might not finish it before the end of the month.

And those are my plans for May! I also need to read this month’s section of War and Peace (Book 2, Parts 3 and 4) for the readalong I’m taking part in.

Are there any classics you’re looking forward to reading this month?

20 thoughts on “Classics Club May Meme

  1. Andrea says:

    I’ve heard that Twenty Years After are very different in tone from The Three Musketeers. I really hope you’ll like it though, because I’ve been meaning to read it too 🙂

  2. Lark says:

    I’ve always loved the title of Far From the Madding Crowd; but it’s one of Hardy’s books that I haven’t read yet. I can’t wait to read your review of it when you’re done reading it. Do you have a favorite Hardy book?

    • Helen says:

      I’ve only read four of Hardy’s books so far, but my favourite is Tess of the d’Urbervilles. I loved A Pair of Blue Eyes too and think that one really deserves to be better known!

  3. jessicabookworm says:

    I think I’m in the mood for more Dickens this month, just have decide which one from my TBR 😛 I read Far From the Madding Crowd a few years ago and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected too (after watching a very depressing adaptation of Tess of the d’Ubervilles). I particularly loved the character of Gabriel.

    • Helen says:

      I only really ‘discovered’ Hardy a few years ago after wrongly assuming for a long time that I wouldn’t like him. Based on the four books of his that I’ve read, he’s now one of my favourite Victorian authors.

  4. Cat says:

    Loved Far From the Madding Crowd – Gabriel Oak is one of my all time favourite male characters.
    Look forward to hearing your thoughts on Dr Zhivago which I have on my CC list.

    • Helen says:

      I’m glad you loved Far from the Madding Crowd. I hope I do too. I’m very curious about Gabriel Oak now, as both you and Jessica have mentioned him!

  5. Charlie says:

    I read Far From The Madding Crowd at school and wasn’t keen, but I’d like to read it again because it was, well, school. That’s a lovely copy you’ve got. I just finished a re-read of Persuasion.

  6. JaneGS says:

    I didn’t know the Musketeers was part of a series! How fun 🙂

    I like the cover of Far From the Madding Crowd–I haven’t read that novel in decades, so it’s sort of on my reread list, though I’m not all that excited about Hardy these days.

    I’m working my way through the Barset novels–Dr. Thorne is on my list for this year.

    War and Peace is my big project for next year.

    Happy reading!

    • Helen says:

      Yes, there are three in the series – or six, as the third one is divided into three huge volumes! I can’t wait to continue with them after enjoying my re-read of The Three Musketeers.

      I hope you’re enjoying the Barset novels. Dr Thorne was one of my favourites.

  7. Isi says:

    I am reading Do androids dream of electric sheep? at the moment, but the problem is that the book isn’t on my list 😀
    But don’t care; I have joined the club recently and I’m loving the experience; I need to write my post too!!

    • Helen says:

      I’ve read some classics that weren’t on my original list too, but you’re right – the important thing is to have fun! I’ll look forward to your post.

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