Top Ten Tuesday: Most Recent Additions to my Book Collection

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) asks us for the ten most recent additions to our book collections.

Here are mine:

1. The Wolf Den by Elodie Harper – I’ve seen this novel set in ancient Pompeii mentioned on a lot of best of 2021 lists, so I’ve added it to my TBR.

2. The Appeal by Janice Hallett – I am currently reading Janice Hallett’s new mystery novel, The Twyford Code, and before I was even halfway through I knew I wanted to read her previous book too. The Appeal sounds just as good, so I have high hopes for it.

3. Go Tell the Bees That I am Gone by Diana Gabaldon – I loved the earlier books in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series but have been disappointed with the more recent ones. Still, having come this far with the series I am committed to finishing it now! This is the ninth and newest book, which was published just before Christmas.

4. The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places by Neil Oliver – This was an unexpected Christmas present. I’ve seen some very positive reviews of this guide to one hundred of Britain’s historic sites, so I’ll look forward to dipping into it soon.

5. The Inugami Curse by Seishi Yokomizo – My favourite of several Japanese crime authors I’ve tried over the last few years. I enjoyed The Honjin Murders and The Village of Eight Graves and am looking forward to meeting detective Kosuke Kindaichi again in this one.

6. The Dark Queens by Shelley Puhak – The most recent book I received for review via NetGalley. This is a biography of two Early Medieval French queens, Brunhild and Fredegund. I know nothing at all about these queens or the Merovingian dynasty they belonged to, so I think this will be a fascinating read.

7. Traitor in the Ice by KJ Maitland – This is the second book in Maitland’s Daniel Pursglove mystery series, after last year’s The Drowned City. The series is set in the 17th century and follows Pursglove’s attempts to uncover a Catholic conspiracy.

8. The Fugitive Colours by Nancy Bilyeau – Another NetGalley book. This is a sequel to Bilyeau’s The Blue, which I really enjoyed, and continues the story of Genevieve Planché, a young Huguenot woman in the 18th century.

9. In a Lonely Place by Dorothy B Hughes – Two of Hughes’ other novels have won places on my best books of the year lists in both 2021 and 2020. I’m hoping this will be another one that I’ll love!

10. The Sugar Pavilion by Rosalind Laker – This was a free Kindle book listed in a recent Lume Books newsletter. I have enjoyed some of Rosalind Laker’s books but others not so much, so I’ll see what I think of this one, set during the French Revolution.


Have you read any of these? What are the most recent additions to your book collection?

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Most Recent Additions to my Book Collection

  1. cirtnecce says:

    Some very nice books, some of which will for sure end up in my TBR. The Inugami Curse by Seishi Yokomizo for sure! So grateful to you for introducing me to this author through The Honjn Murders

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