The Revelations of Carey Ravine: A Shiny New Books review


Issue 11 of Shiny New Books, the online magazine for book lovers, was published today. As usual, you can expect lots of tempting book reviews as well as some other fascinating features and discussions. I was happy to provide a review of The Revelations of Carey Ravine by Debra Daley for this edition.

Here are the first few paragraphs of my review:


The Revelations of Carey Ravine There was always a good chance that I was going to love The Revelations of Carey Ravine. A book which has been compared with “Sarah Waters, Amitav Ghosh’s The Sea of Poppies, and Jamaica Inn” sounded perfect for me…and it was. Set in 1770s London, this is a dark tale of deception and betrayal in which nothing is as it seems. Our guide through all of this is Carey Ravine, an intelligent and spirited woman with an interesting past.

On the surface, Carey and her husband, Oliver Nash, appear to be the perfect couple: rich, good-looking, charming and leading a life of glamour and luxury. In reality, their lavish lifestyle is funded by Carey’s dwindling savings – and as their finances become stretched to the limits, cracks in their marriage begin to appear. When Carey finds a dossier in Nash’s desk describing the death by poisoning of a young man during a medical experiment in India, she confronts her husband and asks for an explanation. It’s obvious, though, that Nash doesn’t want to talk about it, so Carey is left to investigate on her own…


You can read more of my thoughts on this wonderful book here – and don’t forget to explore the rest of the new issue!

10 thoughts on “The Revelations of Carey Ravine: A Shiny New Books review

  1. Yvonne says:

    I enjoyed your review. Now I want to read this book even more. The reference to Jamaica Inn has me intrigued as it is one of my favourite du Maurier novels. Any book compared to this has my interest. Bumping TRCD up my TBR list.

    • Helen says:

      I think the Jamaica Inn similarity is more in the atmosphere rather than the story itself, but yes, I thought it was a great book and worth moving up the TBR!

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